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“For centuries, moderates called for a fiscally conservative, socially progressive combination — a win+win solution. But for centuries, nobody knew how to do it. Well, now we know exactly how to do it. And that means the world is about to change. Please join us and help change the world.” — Rick Raddatz, Founder

What People Are Saying About the Win+Win Revolution

Very well done Rick! As a political conservative, I am disheartened by the divisive rhetoric tearing at our great Nation. The Win Win Revolution certainly presents a possibility to reverse the destructive course we are on. I look forward to and welcome additional information which will empower me to educate others! Lets be sure to create links to each other in local areas. I would be agreeable to assist in organizing and leading in the South Florida region. My best to you, Philip

Philip, REPUBLICAN from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Here is a complex problem solved with profound understanding, wisdom, and vision. A clear presentation of the concept and answers -conveyed in an understandable way; in less than 20 minutes to a major part of the literate and understanding world. Tremendous ideas from your THINK TANK with well thought out steps for implementation. Sure beats everything out there proposed so far and indeed could allow for a peaceable transforming power helping to get it done. Let’s all pray together moving this forward so peace will prevail before the Lord Jesus returns. MARANATHA.


The win+win revolution creates a balance that I have not seen before. It creates hope that we as a country can be on the same team and not fight over petty things.

sara, DEMOCRAT from phoenix, arizona

I’m impressed so far with what I’m hearing. I would like to know more

Dana, INDEPENDENT from Spring Valley

The vision behind the concept models presented here is one I can comfortably endorse. The concept models are beautiful in their simplicity and inspired in their balance. If done right, this movement has the potential to allow the people to reclaim the values government has hijacked from us.

Valary, INDEPENDENT from Encinitas, CA

Finally, taking a psychological/mathematical approach to politics. Using our heads instead of raw emotions. When government no longer serves the people, the people have a duty to change their government. It’s time for the people to stand together so special interest will not be able to dictate policy any more.

Cory, INDEPENDENT from San Diego, California

A method of guiding spending that all sides could be happy with? i’d like to hear more about how that would work. Politics usually brings out the worst in people, and I’d love to be able to able to get behind a solution that is practical and effective.

Mary, INDEPENDENT from Birmingham, AL

I think the concept of a WIN +WIN Revolution has merit. I want to learn more. So far it seems our system is just not working and we need to do something. I am wondering how the powers to be and the lobbyists are going to take this!

Stella, 3RD-PARTY from Glenview, IL

Finally here is something to really get excited about! Instead of the constant bickering back and forth of the political parties and the media support of one or the other, here is a solution where everyone works together to effect a win/win for every political view. Capitalism and charityism come together to benefit self sufficient and needy alike. Everyone can be happy with the result.

Phil, LIBERTARIAN from Grand Junction, CO

If the true intentions of the political interests are accurately represented this solution makes sense.

Tim, LIBERTARIAN from Provo/Utah

This reminds me of the attitude after a tragedy that transcends all social ++barriers for the common welfare of the affected people. I like this win win idea. These are the common princibles this nation was founded with!

Richard, REPUBLICAN from Odessa ,TX

I really hope something like this can actually happen. I will show my support, for what it is worth. Transparency is the key and no one in Washington seems to want that to happen right now. Lets change that and really see how bad the waste is, then I will gladly pay a fair share of the taxes we need.

Danny, LIBERTARIAN from Franklin, TN

Wow, This plan can really work… Thank you Rick… this Rocks!

MaineBob, INDEPENDENT from South China, Maine

WWR is a sincere and thoughtful new approach to solving our biggest political ills. I’d encourage anyone to set aside blind ideological loyalty and cynicism for at a moment and consider this call to unity.


This makes total sense because none of us can achieve a sustainable program that will please everyone without compromise and working synergistically to make our government work for all. I’m all for transparency because evil can only hide in the dark. If all men let their lights shine, there cannot be any darkness. I have only been interested in shining the light on the evil that permeates our govenment today. Very few people would choose evil if they know it to be evil. I’m all for the WinWinRevolution. I know that when you understand what it is and how it works, you will support this too!

Mae, REPUBLICAN from Las Vegas, NV

As a registered Independent, I like the Win-Win Revolution because it raises political discourse up from current destructive radical polarization to constructive intelligent debate.

Aila , INDEPENDENT from Charleston

It’s just makes sense!

Russell, REPUBLICAN from Yorktown, VA

Take this all the way Rick! We need you to lead us in the right direction….. we will follow!

Randall Robbins, DEMOCRAT from Charlotte, NC

It’s time to find a way to listen to each other and celebrate our patriotism, no matter what our political views are (or have been). I am a proud American first and foremost. The WinWin Revolution supports that!

Deborah, PROGRESSIVE from Phoenix, AZ

I like the effectiveness, compromising, transparency, helping people in need and responsible government.

Kaare, REPUBLICAN from Effingham, IL

Good job, Rick.

Michael Edward, 3RD-PARTY from Central Florida

Good job, Rick.

Michael Edward, 3RD-PARTY from Central Florida

Amazing work, Rick. You were born for this! I will be sending around to hundreds of folks – I do hope this makes a difference.

Henri, INDEPENDENT from Washington, DC

My gut response to this can be described in one word: RESPONSIBILITY. That’s what Rick is introducing/demanding with this approach. Transparency is the precurser and guarantor of responsibility. But, we can no longer just talk about it. We’re on the slippery slope to destruction. Goofy is strapped to his skis and gaining speed down that mountain … we must do something before he turns into that huge snowball and crashes! Transparency. Cap and grade. What a concept! Why do I like it? Responsibility. Capitalism feeds charityism. Where does charity get funded without the freedom to invent, produce, earn, profit, and serve? Yep, charity and business are two sides of the same coin. We must maintain the balance of powers, the natural give and take, without favoring one side over the other. Transparency and Responsibility. Go for it Rick!

Mel, 3RD-PARTY from Carson City, NV

Finally a political position that can work for all and can make us all work for all. All for one, one for all. Win+Win Revolution.

Patrick, INDEPENDENT from Port Chester, NY

Finally … Some realization that it takes capitalism to fund charity. Rich people help fund the wheels for the needy. All I have ever wanted was “good” use of my tax dollars. If they are being used fairly and responsibly, then I have no problem paying them.

Cory, REPUBLICAN from Aberdeen, SD

I like stopping the spending and accountability. Also that we quit ruining peoples lives by doing it for them. Let’s spend time teaching them.

Sandy, 3RD-PARTY from Florida

I hope this gets traction. What we are doing now is not working and we have serious problems that need solving.

Mike, INDEPENDENT from Seattle

I love this idea because finally everyone in America can work together to help our country become what it can become…its an inspiring message this country has not seen in a long time. Rick, I don’t know where this idea came from, but thank you for putting such a compelling message together.

Frank, INDEPENDENT from Huntington, NY

This idea has potential. I joined and will follow this with great interest.

Doug, LIBERTARIAN from Santa Ana, CA

The win/win revolution is a concept and party change that I fully support. This is THE way to demonstrate for us and our future generations what right looks like!

Mark, 3RD-PARTY from St. Robert, Missouri

I like the simplicity of the message and its diverse appeal.

Hugh, LIBERTARIAN from McCoy

I think most americans are in the middle… this seems to address the middle instead of the far rights and lefts.


Finally Government that makes sense. There are more people that think like this that those that are selfish and greedy.

Michael Hitchens, PROGRESSIVE from Indianapolis, IN

Why should our government have less accountability than each family? Families do well when they spend wisely *while* taking care of each other.


This seems to make sense to me. I’d like to hear more

Jeff, INDEPENDENT from San Diego, Ca.

I found this to be very interesting and informative. It would be great if our government would go for it. I’m sending it out to all my friends on Facebook and email.

Deborah, LIBERTARIAN from Houston/TX

The Win Win Revolution is the first approach I’ve ever seen that provides a true opportunity to unite the voices of [virtually all] the people. It departs from the age-old “us-vs-them” mentality that has served to literally divide our country, and moves us from compromise (win-lose) to collaboration (win-win). As human beings, it is a truth that most of us have the same fundamental desires regarding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Where we have seen great divide is in our ideas and philosophies on how to get there. This has created an environment where the “left” sees those on the “right” as being heartless, while those on the “right” see those on the “left” as idiots. As I currently understand the WWR Philosophy, the only people who could possibly oppose it are the political elitists who want power (and control) for the sake of power (and control).

Tim, INDEPENDENT from Swanzey, NH

Time for us to come together, instead of continuing to argue about who is “right”. Bottom line, we do share core beliefs and have core needs and this is a perfect way for us to end the separation. Capping spending and having priorities is how a person would budget their own money effectively and so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work in government also. Thank You for all you are doing to help all of us!

Nancy, INDEPENDENT from Carmen, Idaho

Your ideas are brilliant. No doubt about it. In theory it could well be the salvation of our species and our planet.

Jens Jerndal, INDEPENDENT from Supranational

Brilliant & Well Done!

Greg, REPUBLICAN from Escondido, CA

Interesting ideas here. Verlyn Kroon, REPUBLICAN from Omaha, NE

I support this!

John, DEMOCRAT from Lafayette, La



I’ll look at your program.

Mark Jarvis, LIBERTARIAN from Culpeper, VA

It’s a great approach in today’s political climate.


Unity for the good of all.

Teresa Young, DEMOCRAT from Tulsa, OK

I love the Win-Win platform and philosophy! Rick does a superb job of explaining it! I would love to see him run for president! We would finally have someone in office with business and common sense. But if that isn’t an option, then I would support whoever supports this philosophy. Thank you Rick!

Kim, INDEPENDENT from Reno, NV

The Win Win Revolution is the first time I’ve felt hope that Americans might stop talking past each other, embrace the heart of where we agree, and do something that makes sense.

Patti , REPUBLICAN from Dallas, TX

Transparency is the key to reduce the backroom shenanignans in government spending & contracts. Greed on a level playing field is different than greed in a dishonest good old boys network.

E. Thomas, DEMOCRAT from Naples, FL

Let’s build common ground where we can. If we presume that others have good intentions we can make tremendous progress.

Steven, INDEPENDENT from Mountain View, CA

Not until we redefine the role of government in our lives will we begin to rebuild our country to be the greatest in the world again (sorry, communists & socialists…). This WinWinRevolution is a fantastic idea that truly has the potential to redefine our government. I wholeheartedly support this concept and the people behind the idea.

John, REPUBLICAN from Cleveland, OH

It might be an ideal that a majority can agree to pursue.

Robert, INDEPENDENT from Edison, NJ

I like the Win+Win Revolution because it promotes fiscal responsibility and transparency in government. The Win+Win Revolution is a positive and collaborative approach to solving the problems our country faces today.

Mike, INDEPENDENT from Austin, Texas

Looks good. Looking forward to seeing the technology to assist and make the system work in practice.

Anthony Lawton, INDEPENDENT from UK

Looks very well thought out.

Geoff, 3RD-PARTY from USA

Simply amazing… the best synergistic make sense approach to run the country encompassing all views,working together to the common goal

Geoff Guirk, LIBERTARIAN from East Hanover NJ

No matter your party or political, philosophical leaning, we’re all looking for better answers to what are government has presented. Our country is ailing – it’s undeniable. Mainly, because we are overly married to views that are unable to answer the most important priorities. Tri-ism, at the very least, is worth a serious look for every single, engaged citizen from, the far left, the far right and everything in between. At best, it offers a gallant first step towards something better, viable and appealing to many us wanting a more responsive government.

Bruce, INDEPENDENT from Fort Collins, CO

I like the transparency, minimization of influence of special interests and a narrowing of the gap that separates the left and right are the strengths I see in this plan

Paul, REPUBLICAN from Magnolia, TX

This is a simple solution and a solid political view. Heart, mind, and commerce rolled into one small government plan. Very inspiring!

Keith, PROGRESSIVE from Naperville, IL

Balance will be obtained once we all Win-Win in this Win+Win Revolution.

Joe, INDEPENDENT from Cheyenne, Wyoming

We are living in the midst of a giant leap forward for humanity. The Win-Win Revolution appears to be on target and on time to be a vehicle for the evolution to take place

Jennifer, INDEPENDENT from Lod, CA

This is very impressive. Finally, I feel like I see hope for a single plan that we can all believe in. WELL DONE and you have my FULL SUPPORT. Thank you.

Johnpaul Moses, INDEPENDENT from Memphis, TN

Cap and Grade is a brilliant way to express the need to spend efficiently on only those things that matter most to our country! The model is a terrific framework to begin a different conversation about how our country can unite and prioritize what matters most to our freedom and sovereignty.

John, INDEPENDENT from Philadelphia PA

This is the first time in my lifetime where I can see that all ideologies of the political spectrum have a chance of working together for the good of all people. I wholeheartedly support the “win win revolution.”

Sandi, INDEPENDENT from Puyallup, Wa

Rick is a modern day philosopher who understands how altruistic ideas can be arranged appeal to everyone. This WWR construct will need a lot of help to gain traction. However, it can be “sold” like soap, cars, or fashion by clever people. This could work.

John, LIBERTARIAN from Georgia

I’m a Life Long Democrat, indoctrinated long ago. I remember riding on my Daddy’s shoulders at a Labor day parade in 1959 when Senator Kennedy waved at me…. But what I’m saddened by in 2011 is the rabid “Us vs Them” viciousness. What I love about Rick’s WinWin is it’s carefully thought out way for us to Help others have HOPE and OPPORTUNITY….a True WIN-WIN to WINBIG!

Gregory, DEMOCRAT from Detroit, Michigan

Here is a complex problem solved with profound understanding, wisdom, and vision. A clear presentation of the concept and answers -conveyed in an understandable way; in less than 20 minutes to a major part of the literate and understanding world. Tremendous ideas from your THINK TANK with well thought out steps for implementation. Sure beats everything out there proposed so far and indeed could allow for a peaceable transforming power helping to get it done. Let’s all pray together moving this forward so peace will prevail before the Lord Jesus returns. MARANATHA.


The concept seems possible and doable.

David Wynn Smith, INDEPENDENT from Fresno, CA

Great work Rick. Brilliant.

Tom, INDEPENDENT from Vancouver, Canada

very interested in the possible change

John, REPUBLICAN from Orlando

Finally someone is talking about the solution and not the problem.

Morgan, REPUBLICAN from Connecticut

I am looking forward to supporting any movement that brings our country back to the principles it was founded on – a government for the people by the people.

Ty Bohannon, INDEPENDENT from Aurora, CO

Thanks We have come full circle Welcome home We are back to pragmatism

Neil Cosentino, INDEPENDENT from Tampa Florida

I LOVE the idea that Rick has shown. This is the same idea I have thought about for years but finally someone has put it all together.

Joshua, REPUBLICAN from Escondido, CA

Wow. An idea who’s time has come. I’m fascinated at how you put together that bell curve and tied everything together so powerfully. It is a concept that, if we can get enough people to understand and embrace, can truly save this Country!

Christina, DEMOCRAT from Sarasota, FL

Wow, the Win+Win Revolution truly brings the heart and head of government spending together in a balanced collaboration. This seems ideal for the family budget too. Bottom line – A. cap spending to stay in your budget B. Agreed prioritized spending within that budget.

Barbara, INDEPENDENT from Mundelein, IL

Awesome Idea will promote this immediately.

Peter Walton, REPUBLICAN from USA

I’d like to get Congress to actually prioritize spending. This should eliminate all the pork-barrel politics and add-on’s

barbara, INDEPENDENT from nj

The models reminds me of something I would get from a top tier consulting company. Education is the prime value we should not ignore. The mind is our greatest resource.

Steven, INDEPENDENT from San Francisco

I am so SICK of the political fighting and bickering – let’s have a real “transparent” government for ONCE!

rick, REPUBLICAN from Lenexa, Ks

rick is in charge. and it makes sense… mostly … a couple of words here or there… I like the presentation and the convergence of Charityism with Capitalism. Although, I think there is a better word for charitism.

Steve, 3RD-PARTY from SLC, UT

It is a new look at where we can go from here.

Alan, INDEPENDENT from Lebanon, NH

Finally, we have a WIn WIN solution

Rene, DEMOCRAT from Phoenix Arizona

Representative democracy has long outlived its usefulness. It is time for direct democracy and professional management to take over from the “best congress money can buy” institutions. WinWinRevolution is a reasonable middle ground that might allow us to transition from one to the other without a full civil war we might otherwise soon get into.

Martin, LIBERTARIAN from Carson City, NV

Real possibilities to move all our political sides forward together for a greater future for all. No one group owns the word “patriotic.” Anyone that cares about our country’s past, present and future gets to claim this word. This Win+Win revolution gives me hope for our country’s future and our country’s ability to be a positive, collaborative, constructive energy for Good in the world.

Monica, INDEPENDENT from Seattle, Wa

This proposal is very creative! I especially like the fact that you are trying to make the world a better place. I think Rick’s idea could be the answer to the problems the politicans are having in deciding how to ward off the majority financial diaster that our country could be headed towards.

Mimi Lupin, DEMOCRAT from Hot Springs, Ar.

The center used to be a muddy place until the idea of this win-win revolution.

Eugene, REPUBLICAN from Anchorage, Alaska

Rick Raddatz once again demonstrates his brilliance! If you love America, Capitalism, Our Constitution and have a compassionate heart to see that no person on this planet is without food, shelter and a education you must watch this video… It’s who I AM! Our Founding Fathers wanted co-operation in the highest sense of the word… They truly believed that Man’s freedom comes from GOD and the we have an opportunity to express and share that freedom with everyone. We have to love one another in spite of our differences in polical, religious, and Humaniterian views.

Jerry, LIBERTARIAN from Vista, CA

It brings the heart, soul and head together of humanity, addressing the needs, wants, and desires of all people under one collaborative system.

Marilyn, INDEPENDENT from Los Angeles

I believe it’s true that all political viewpoints have more in common than opposed – it’s HOW we talk about what we want that creates such HUGE ILLUSIONS of separate interests. Thank you, Rick, for being willing to lead in this area despite the landmines, and for being willing to put effort into using language we can all hear instead of resist. I’ve often dreamed of BOB – best of both parties – but there are more than two, and I believe more than every before, we are ready to meet in the middle and transcend differences for the common good.

Susan, INDEPENDENT from Atlanta GA

I like the limited Government and social justice

Gene, INDEPENDENT from Crested Butte, Co

I like changing from a system of greed and the totally different management approach has promise.


This looks like a unity plan that has great potential to protect our country and world from the chaos that we seem to be spiraling toward… while providing a framework for a bright future for all of us.

Robby, INDEPENDENT from Arvada Colorado

LETS GET IT ALL ON THE TABLE. Simple efficiency improvement & waste reduction could chop 25 % of this $14 Trillion… Use the savings for priority items. No [one] politician’s agenda. Lets make a difference. People Power!

Kevin Lane, PROGRESSIVE from Carlsbad / California

The Win/Win Revolution is an inspiring political platform that shows great promise. For the longest time, We the People have needed a way to come together, for the common good of ALL, within a framework where all political views are honored and respected. Until now… that seemed impossible! I’m extremely excited about the potential for Real Change afforded by what the Win/Win Revolution brings to ALL of America’s citizens. It’s a sea change whose time has come!

Janice, DEMOCRAT from Sparks, NV

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for – people trying to agree rather than fight. Great ideas.

Robert, INDEPENDENT from Bellingham/WA

It’s logical. It simply makes sense. Plus, it holds government accountable for their spending.

Gil, LIBERTARIAN from Riverdale NY

I like that there seems to be a complete and sensible plan on how to bring us together to resolve where we are. I am of the opinion that democracy as we are practicing it does not work. To continue the present will eventually destory us.

Rey, INDEPENDENT from Boston

For the highest and greatest good, at individual level of intent, toward the purpose of achieving maximum well being for all, is what this Win Win Revolution is all about

Don, 3RD-PARTY from Levelland, TX